How does Style Theory work?

You'll browse through our unlimited wardrobe and pick the 3 available items that you would like to be shipped to you. Clothes will come in a "ready to wear" fully pressed and cleaned condition. Wear them for as long as you want and when you are up for something new, just return them in the prepaid bag included and select your next box of 3 items. There are no additional charges for getting additional boxes of 3 items within the month. Our subscription covers it all whether you get 1, 2 or more boxes!

What does it mean to be on the waitlist?

As we are trying to ensure that all subscribers have an excellent selection with our wardrobe, there is a limited number of subscribers that we can support at any one time. As our collection grows, we will contact the ladies who are next in line when we open up more slots to our service. Upon subscription, you'll be prompted to select 3 gorgeous items from our wardrobe to be sent in your first shipment.

What condition are the items in?

We professionally maintain and inspect all of our items so they arrive in like-new condition.

What types of items are available to rent?

We will be carrying garments initially, so this means tops, bottoms, dresses and outer wears. They range from work-wear, day wear, casual wear to date nights or a girly brunch date!

How do I exchange the items for something new?

Whenever you are ready to get something new, place all 3 items back in the box before sealing it in the pre-paid return bag provided. You can then schedule a pickup through your mobile app (four '3-hour-timeslots' on Monday-Saturdays). Once we receive your return, you will be prompted to choose your next 3 items!

Do I have to pay for shipping?

Nope! Shipping is FREE for both deliveries and returns.

Do I have to pay for laundry or do it myself?

Who likes laundry? Leave that to us! We handle all the dry cleaning and laundry for all Style Theory items, so just place your used garments into the pre-paid return bag provided once you are ready to return them.Every Style Theory piece is professionally dry cleaned and maintained by experts at Jeeves, the best dry cleaner in Singapore.

Where is the Style Theory service available?

We are currently available in Singapore and Jakarta, but will also be expanding to other fashion capitals soon! Let us know if you want Style Theory to come to your city!

Can I purchase any items?

Yes! We just launched our Forever-Yours feature, which allows you to purchase pieces that you've rented before and can't bear to part with. Spend less, rent more, and buy only what you truly love at a fraction of the retail price!

What happens if I damage or lose an item?

We have a team of seamstresses and spotters on duty to handle any minor mishaps and general wear & tear. However, for significant damage, lost items and theft, we will have to charge the retail price of the items.

What happens if the piece I want is not available?

We aim to ensure that anything you wish for will be available but in the unfortunate scenario that it is not, please put them on your wishlist to monitor their availability. Furthermore, our stylists are working with multiple designers to ensure that you will always have more than plenty to desire for!

How can I cancel my service?

You can cancel your subscription anytime, just chat with us via the app. Please note that we can only process your unsubscription after your last box have been received back at our warehouse. Kindly ensure that your box is received before the end of your current billing period to avoid any additional fees.

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